Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

This website is owned and published by 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation.

To ensure that you get the most from our website, we are committed to optimizing the site to match your needs, so it is easier for you to find the content and services most relevant to your work. 我们努力超越美国CAN-SPAM法案所要求的严格的隐私实践, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and e-Privacy Regulation. If, however, you would like to make a query regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.

What you can find in this Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information and How We Collect It

Information You Provide

我们收集您通过我们的网站向我们提供的信息 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation. We collect your information when you create an account, subscribe to our email list, download digital materials (e.g. infographics, technical papers, PDFs etc.), sign-up for a webinar or otherwise communicate with us through our website.

The data we collect from you can include personal information. 个人信息是可以用来识别个人的数据(例如姓和名), e-mail address, address, telephone number etc.). Furthermore, to ensure that you have a genuine interest in our content, products and services, we may also ask for work-related information such as your job title, your company name, technologies you use, your area of work or industry, the type of business you work for or own, and your scientific interests. 我们这样做是为了确保我们向您提供的信息与您和您的研究或工作领域相关. At no point will we ask for any “sensitive” information such as religious beliefs, political affiliation, 种族或民族来源或与您的活动或对买世界杯app推荐产品的兴趣无关的任何其他信息, services, or its technology.

Once registration is complete no further information is required for access to this site.

Information We Collect

To optimize our website, match content to your needs and deliver a more personalized user experience, 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation also automatically collects information regarding your use of our website. When visiting us online, we log information about your visit and also use tracking mechanisms such as cookies, 像素和脚本收集有关您与我们的网站或电子邮件的交互信息. 这些可以用来为你提供与你的工作或感兴趣的科学领域相关的额外信息.

Cookies are digital text files placed on your computer. Using cookies is a common practice. 我们可能会在您的电脑上放置cookies,以便当您访问我们的网站时,我们能够认出您, to measure online traffic, to present you with relevant products or services, or to customize your experience. We use session cookies to make navigating our website easier, and they expire when you close your browser. Additionally, tracking cookies are used to help us understand how you use our website, they enhance your user experience, and they remain on your computer or device for an extended period of time.

您的浏览器可能包含允许您阻止cookies或cookies被使用时通知的设置. Please be aware that if you block or remove cookies, 本网站的某些功能可能无法使用或无法以最佳方式运作.

Pixels are small graphic images placed in web pages and e-mail messages. They may be used to count the number of visitors to our websites, to monitor how users navigate our websites, or to verify how many articles or links were viewed.

Scripts are used to collect information about your interactions with our websites. They are temporarily downloaded on your computer from our server, or the server of a third-party we work with. 当您连接到我们的网站时,它们是活跃的,并在此后被删除或停用. 我们不会为您的电脑安装或下载任何软件作为您的用户体验的一部分.

Information from Other Sources

We may also collect or purchase information from other scientific industry sources, such as scientific organizations, research conferences, academic institutions, scientific directories, etc. 如果您的个人信息是公开的,并且您的工作领域和内容之间有明确的联系,我们只会收集并存储在我们的数据库中, products, and services that we offer. 为了更好地了解您的需求,并为您提供更好的用户体验,我们可能会将这些信息与我们已经收集到的有关您的信息相结合.

如果您是欧盟或美国的居民,我们收集的有关您的所有信息都来自第三方科学来源, 在我们将您的信息从我们的数据库中删除之前,我们只会在有限的尝试的基础上与您沟通. 我们也只会联系您买世界杯app推荐的内容和您感兴趣的主题, 或买世界杯app推荐您过去购买的被认为与您和您的行业相关的买世界杯app推荐产品, job, scientific interests or area of work. If we see that you have not engaged with our communications or digital content, we will remove your personal information from our database. 如果您在试用期结束前接触了我们的通信和数字内容, 只要您在未来继续参与我们的内容和我们的网站,我们就会将您视为一个积极的联系, or until you choose to unsubscribe from future communications. We offer a means of unsubscribing on every communication that we send to you and through our privacy policy .  If you would like to know more about how we engage with you, please contact us.

Your Personal Information and How We May Use it

The personal information gathered about you is used for a variety of purposes. The first is to build up a demographic profile of our subscribers, allowing us to better match our content and services to your interests. Obviously, the more accurate the information you provide, the better we can do this. For this reason, 我们鼓励您定期更新您的个人资料,以便为我们提供尽可能准确的信息.

In addition, we may use your personal information for other purposes that include:

  • Facilitating, managing, personalizing and improving your online experience;
  • Responding to your comments, questions and requests, providing customer service, sending you informational notices, and contacting you if we need to obtain or provide additional information;
  • 管理您的网上帐户,包括购买、订单、付款、退货和兑换;
  • 向您发送技术通知、更新、安全警报、支持和管理消息;
  • Communicating with you about products, services, offers, promotions, coupons, newsletters, events and providing information that we think will be of interest to you;
  • Conducting research and analysis, 包括对现有服务和产品或潜在新产品和服务的调查;
  • Preventing and addressing fraud, breach of policies or terms, and threats or harm; and
  • Sending you advertisements and communicating with you regarding services, products, and events we think may interest you

Your Personal Information and How We May Share it

Information Shared With Our Service Providers

我们可能会向其他公司披露您的信息,以确保您向我们购买或要求的产品及服务能够顺利提供. 如果您向我们作出购买或请求,您的数据将主要用于向您提供购买或请求,以及您的注册或其他服务和设施. 这包括帮助我们处理信用卡支付的第三方服务提供商, 举办在线活动的网络研讨会平台,或者我们存放您信息的客户关系管理买世界杯app官网. 这些服务提供商被禁止将您的个人信息用于除提供我们与他们签订的服务合同之外的任何其他目的.

Information Shared With Our Subsidiary

Your details may also be shared between 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation, the parent company, and 买世界杯app推荐 In Vitro Life Science Laboratories (买世界杯app推荐 IVLSL), its wholly-owned subsidiary located in Bratislava, Slovakia. 买世界杯app推荐 IVLSL is also subject to the data management practices and terms of this privacy policy.

Your Personal Information and How You Share It

Our websites may include features, such as product reviews or comment sections, that allow you to freely submit your personal information that can be viewed by others.  We and others can store, display, reproduce, publish, distribute, or otherwise use such information in any format, and there is no guarantee that we will attribute the content to you.  Keep in mind that if you post information on our websites, others can access and share that information with third-parties as well.

How You Can Access, Update or Limit Your Personal Information

Accessing and Updating Your Personal Information

我们设计了我们的网站,以便您方便地访问和更新您与我们共享的个人信息. Individual eNewsletters, 电子邮件通信和第三方通信可以立即取消订阅,点击其中的退订链接. 请注意,您的退出将不会影响我们的后续订阅或非推广传播, 如行政和服务公告. You can download and delete your personal data on our Privacy Tools page. If you require further assistance updating your details please contact us.

You are also entitled to be informed about all the information 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation collects about you. You are entitled to receive and review the information. You may also request to have 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation change information about you that is held by us and that is incorrect.

Limiting Collection of Your Personal Information

使用大多数商业浏览器提供的工具,可以禁用或删除cookie. In some instances, 浏览器可能包含允许您阻止cookies被放在硬盘上的设置. Be aware that if you disable or remove cookies and similar technologies, some parts of our website may not work properly. Also, if you revisit our website from a different computer or browser, you may not be able to limit browser-based tracking technologies in the same way.

Our website uses third-party web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, to help us analyze how visitors use our website. To learn more about opting out of being tracked by Google Analytics, click here. 

How We Can Make Changes to This Policy

如果在任何时候,我们决定以本隐私政策之外的任何方式使用您的个人身份信息, we will notify you by way of email or by providing 30 days notice on the website. Please note that we retain the right to change this policy at any time. 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation 我们将继续投资于最优质的安全措施,并尽最大努力保护访客的隐私. 如果您对本隐私政策或我们收集和收集个人信息的方式有任何疑问, please contact us.

How You Can Contact Us About This Policy

If you have any requests regarding your personal information, or if you have questions about this privacy policy, please submit your questions via email to our privacy officer or send a letter to the Privacy Officer at 买世界杯app推荐 Corporation, 200 Homer Avenue, Ashland, MA 01721, or call us at .

(Updated May 29, 2018)